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    The modular multiplicative inverseis defined by the following rules: Existence: there exists an integer denoted a–1such that aa–1≡ 1 (mod n)if and only if ais coprime with n. This integer If a≡ b(mod n)and a–1exists, then a–1≡ b–1(mod n)(compatibility with multiplicative inverse, and, if a= b.

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    An Introduction to Modular Math. When we divide two integers we will have an equation that looks like the following: \dfrac {A} {B} = Q \text { remainder } R B A = Q remainder R. For these cases there is an operator called the modulo operator (abbreviated as mod).

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    Computational aspects: Definition: Modulo Let m ∈ Z +. a is congruent to b modulo m denoted as a ≡ b(modn), if a and b have the remainder when they are divided by n, for a, b ∈ Z. Example Suppose n = 5, then the possible remainders are 0, 1, 2, 3, and 4, when we divide any integer by 5. Is 6 ≡ 11(mod5)?.

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    The word modulus has several different meanings in mathematics with respect to complex numbers, congruences, elliptic integrals, quadratic invariants, sets, etc. The modulus of a congruence a=b (mod m) is the number m. It is the "base" with respect to which a congruence is computed (i.e., m gives the number of multiples of a that are "thrown out").

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    mfor some integer k.

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  • The modulo (or "modulus" or "mod") is the remainder after dividing one number by another. Example: mod 9 equals 1 Because 9 = 11 with a remainder of 1 12 Hour Time hour time uses modulo 12 Example: 14 mod 12 equals 2 Because 14 12 = 1 with a remainder of 2 So 14 o'clock becomes 2 o'clock.

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      For the (mod n)notation, see Modular arithmetic. For other uses, see Modulo (disambiguation). Computational operation In computing, the modulo operationreturns the remainderor signed remainder of a division, after one number is divided by another (called the modulusof the operation).

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    The equation of a modulus function is denoted as follows: f (x) = | x | = x i f x ≥ 0 - x i f x The domain of a modulus function is the set of all real numbers, and the range is the set of all real numbers greater than or equal to zero.

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