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Twelve Japanese superstars to look out for at Tokyo From Naomi Osaka to Kohei Uchimura: Twelve Japanese superstars to look out for at Tokyo With days to go before the next Olympic Games in Japan, we look at the home-grown favourites for gold 8 min Updated on 08 June GMT-7 Japan is looking to wow the world at Tokyo

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Actors Eita Kamakari Kenta Fujiwara Tatsuya Ikuta Toma Matsudaira Ken Oguri Shun Ryuhei Matsuda Sato Takeru Satoshi Tsumabuki Shota Matsuda Watanabe Ken Manpei Takagi Shinpei Takagi.

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  • Stars that played a significant role in the lives of common citizens in Japan were often given the distinction of being called Yowatashi Boshi or passing the night stars. This phrase was applied to prominent star groups which would appear in the East at sunset and set with the dawning sun.

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    Yuya Aoki (wrestler) Atsuki Aoyagi Masashi Aoyagi Yuma Aoyagi Kenichiro Arai Kuma Arashi Shiori Asahi Satoru Asako Shotaro Ashino Azumafuji Kin'ichi B Giant Baba Ben-K Black Buffalo (wrestler) The Bodyguard (wrestler) Shachihoko Boy Brahman Brothers Bushi (wrestler) BxB Hulk C Captain New Japan Masahiro Chono Riki Choshu Cima (wrestler) Cyber Kong.

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    May 1, Monday Night RAW results; May 2, NXT results; May 3, AEW Dynamite results; May 4, iMPACT! results; May 5, Smackdown results.
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      Visit the rankings page to view the entire list of Japanese Wrestlers. 1. Masahiko Kimura ( - ) With an HPI of , Masahiko Kimura is the most famous Japanese Wrestler. His biography has been translated into 34 different languages on wikipedia.

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    Undoubtably, Japan has produced some of the finest wrestling matches in history. This trend continues thanks to both excellent gaijin grapplers like Adam Cole, Ricochet, and Kenny Omega, as well as native-born sons and daughters. The following fifteen wrestlers are the best Japan has to offer today.
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